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Summary Information


  • Leke TASI was born in 1929 in Athens, Greece
  • Current Country of Residence: Albania

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Music School in Tirana (1943-1945)
    Teacher(s): Walter Calletti
  • Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (1947-1951)
    Teacher(s): Alexander Fuçkar, Boris Skabllov
  • Private lessons in Tirana (1954-1956)
    Teacher(s): Ymer Skënderi


Lekë Tasi was born in 1929, has studied cello and was employed for 20 years in the Radio and Tirana Opera House orchestras. In the same time he spent a good portion of his time in painting.
Dismissed in 1967 for political reasons, he was sent to manual work and afterwards, in 1975 was exiled for 15 years in a Central Albania village, where he was allowed to agricultural activity only. This difficult period of his life has been narrated in a book "Grabjan by the hills" (Grabjani rrëzë kodrave), 2009.
He came back to Tirana in 1990, and his main activity today remains painting.

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