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Summary Information


  • Ingrid RUKO was born in 1985 in Durres, Albania
  • Current Country of Residence: Italy

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Music School "Jan Kukuzeli" in Durres (1991-1999)
    Teacher(s): Moni Kuriçi

Musical Studies Abroad:

  • Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" of Milan, Italy (2003-2009)
    Teacher(s): Rocco Filippini, Christian Bellisario
  • Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Italy (2009 – to present)
    Teacher(s): Natalia Gutman



Ingrid Ruko was born in Durres (Albania) he began studying the cello at the age of 6 in the School of Music of his hometown with Osman Kurici and attended with excellent results for eight years.
After moving to Italy, in 2003 he continued his studies with maestro Rocco Filippini and then with maestro Christian Bellisario at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" of Milan with which he graduated in 2009. He has participated in master classes at the Conservatory of Lugano with Christian Bellisario and the Conservatory of Milan held by F.M.Ormezowsky, E.Wilson, S.Ramon, W.Butt.
He is currently a student of Natalia Gutman at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and at the same time he attended courses at the "W. Stauffer" Academy in Cremona with Rocco Filippini. He was also an assistant to Christian Bellisario at the summer course "The Art of Cello" held in Lugano in August 2010, and has taught at the School of Music and Arts in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland.
Winner of the first prize at the Chamber Music competition "A.Beltrami" in Milan, has given concerts as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in Milan for "Concerts Society", Diocesan Museum, State University of Studies, "Sound & Image" in the cloister of the Conservatory of Milan and for the festival "Schumann-Chopin 200 years" held in the "Giuseppe Verdi" hall in Milan in December 2010. He has also performed in Cremona, Varese, Monza (Villa Reale) and the Mantova Festival, in Corsica (Rencontres Musicales du Méditerranée), Albania (with the cello ensemble Cellisario Artists), Malta (Valletta, Teatru Manoel), Stockholm (Sweden), Lugano (Switzerland) at the "September Music" and has performed live on Vatican Radio. He plays a cello made by Francesco Lazzaretti in Vicenza in 1887.

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