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Summary Information


  • Gezim LARO was born in 1941 in Fier, Albania (died in 2011)

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (1951-1961)
    Teacher(s): Matei Guralumi, Ymer Skënderi, Ludmilla Ymeri (née Shinderbalova)
  • Academy of Arts in Tirana (1962-1966)
    Teacher(s): Ludmilla Ymeri (née Shinderbalova)


Gëzim Laro was born in Fier in 1941. He began studying the cello with Matei Guralumi and then studying with prof. Ludmilla Ymeri (née Shinderbalova) and prof. Ymer Skënderi, under the direction of who he graduated in 1966.
In the same year he was appointed the first cello at the Orchestra of Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tirana, where he worked until 1983. In 1974 he was given the title of "Concertmaster" and in 1979 the title of "Meritorious Artist". His contribution over the years in the Orchestra of the Opera was very valuable as a cellist, soloist and artistic director.
In 1983 he was appointed head of the Department of Music and Professor of the Cello at the Academy of Arts. In 1986 he conducted a series of successful concerts in Austria together with violinist Ibrahim Madhi and many successful concerts with the trio of the ILA (the Academy of Arts).
He specialized in the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi (Torino, Italy) and the Folkwang Hochschule (Essen, Germany). In 1996 he was given the highest scientific title of "Professor" and recently the prize "Gratitude" by the Academy of Arts, for his long and treasured contribution in the field of pedagogy.
(Translated into English by Christopher Psomadelis)