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Summary Information


  • Pjerit DELIJA was born in 1985 in Shkoder, Albania
  • Current Country of Residence: Italy

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Music School "Preng Jakova" in Shkoder (1991-2003)
    Teacher(s): Leonard Plumbini, Fatos Mataj
  • Academy of Arts in Tirana (2003-2007)
    Teacher(s): Astrit Selita

Musical Studies Abroad:

  • National Academy of St Cecilia in Rome, Italy (2003-to present)
    Teacher(s): Anna Maria Mastromatteo



Pjerit Delija was born in Shkodër (Scutari, Albania) on June 6, 1985. At the age of 6 he started a 12-year course of studies at the Music School "Preng Jakova" in Scutari, achieving the diploma in Cello with the highest marks in 2003.
He was admitted at the Academy of Arts for Higher Musical Education in Tirana, where he studied Cello under the guidance of Astrit Selita and Chamber Music under the guidance of Pjeter Guralumi and graduated in 2007 with the highest marks. He has been playing as principal cello in the orchestra of the Art Academy of Tirana for the last 4 years.
In 2008 he is admitted at the Conservatorio di Roma "Santa Cecilia" and he is currently studying Cello under the guidance of Anna Maria Mastromatteo, Chamber Music under the guidance of Rosaria A.Clemente and Composition under the guidance of Antonio Di Poffi.
In 2005 he joined the Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana of Torino as "concertino" (co-principal cello), participating to several tournées in Italy and abroad. Since 2008 he has been member of the orchestra of the Conservatorio di Roma "Santa Cecilia" and he collaborates with other orchestras in Roma, e.g. the orchestra "Nuova Amadeus", the orchestra "Petrassi", the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema and the orchestra of the Università di Roma "La Sapienza".
He is member of the piano trio "Tiber Trio".
He joined the ensemble "Piccola Accademia degli Specchi" in 2010.

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