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Summary Information


  • Gjergj ANTONIU was born in 1949 in Tirana, Albania (died in 2012)

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (1956-1967)
    Teacher(s): Ymer Skënderi, Ludmilla Ymeri (née Shinderbalova)
  • Academy of Arts in Tirana (1967-1973)
    Teacher(s): Muharrem Denizi


Gjergj Antoniu was born in Tirana in 1949. He started taking cello lessons in 1956 at the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja", from which he graduated in 1967. He first appeared on stage on March 30, 1958. In 1967 he played for the first time as a soloist with orchestra the Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra, work of his professor Ymer Skënderi.
During his studies at the Artictic Lycaeum he studied with Muharrem Denizi. During that period his artistic activity was enriched.
He began collaborating with the composers Thoma Gaqi, Feim Ibrahimi, Shpëtim Kushta, Kujtim Laro, Sokol Shupo, Aleksandër Peçi, etc. in order to have new works created. He also collaborated with the renowned composers Çesk Zadeja, Tonin Harapi, Kozma Lara, among others. In 1973 he won the first prize in the Competition of Young Interpreters.
He completed his studies with distinction and was appointed a lecturer at the High Institute of Arts (the Academy of Arts). From 1973 until today he has interpreted over 125 works, 75 of which are by foreign composers. Among them many were world premieres.
He has received five first prizes in the "May Concerts", the title "Meritorious Artist" in 1986, the award "Tefta Tashko Koço" in 1987 and the title of "Professor" in 1999.
He has performed with many distinguished artists, both foreign and Albanian at home and abroad. A part of his artistic activity is summarized in 11 CDs . Many talented artists have graduated from his classes and now they hold prominent positions all over the world.
(Translated into English by Christopher Psomadelis)