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Aleksander ZHIBAJ

Summary Information


  • Aleksander ZHIBAJ was born in 1984 in Vlore, Albania
  • Current Country of Residence: Germany

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Artistic School "Naim Frashëri" in Vlore (1990-1991)
    Teacher(s): Astrit Bejleri

Musical Studies Abroad:

  • Peiraikos Syndesmos in Piraeus, Greece (1993-2004)
    Teacher(s): Kostas Kirou
  • Robert Schumann Music College Düsseldorf, Germany (2007-2009)
    Teacher(s): Gotthardt Popp
  • Hochschule für Musik Köln, Germany (2009 - to present)
    Teacher(s): Susanne Müller - Hornbach



The youngest of three musician brothers, Aleksander was born in Vlorë, Albania and raised in Greece, where he made his Cello Diploma in 2004 in the Greek Conservatory "Piraikos Sindesmos". Further he continued his studies in Germany for 2 years in Robert Schumann Musikhochschule Düsseldorf in the class of Prof. Gotthardt Popp, and now in the Köln Musikhochschule in the class of Prof. Susanne Müller-Hornbach.
He has attended a number of Masterclasses and has worked with Prof. Hans-Christian Schweiker, Prof. A. Krastev, Dr. Prof. P. Stoyanov, Dr. Prof. D. Christov, D. Gouzios and others. In 2009 he formed an application for the Kronberg Cello Festival and got accepted with a scholarship, to be able to attend in a lesson from Giovanni Sollima, and 2010 in Aurora Chamber Music Festival with Torleif Thedéen and Per Nyström.
Musical performances as a soloist, chamber music player and orchestra player in Greece (Athens City Hall, Porto-Heli International Music Festival, Piraeus State Theater and others), and Germany (Chamber Music Festival in Düsseldorf, Contemporary Music Day of Cologne Music University as a guest conducted by Prof. Höller and others). He has cofounded the "Dissonance String Quartet" in Greece, and the "Aris Streichquartett" in Germany. In year 2009 he was also a member of the Neues Kammerorchester Düsseldorf.
Aleksander is playing on an Italian instrument of Mezzano Valle from the year 1999 kindly loaned from Mr. Prof. Kanemaki.

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