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Summary Information


  • Ymer SKENDERI was born in 1926 in Diber, Albania (died in 1975)

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Music School in Tirana (1943-1945)
    Teacher(s): Walter Calletti

Musical Studies Abroad:

  • Music School in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (1946-1947)
    Teacher(s): Antonio Janigro
  • Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czechoslovakia (1947-1953)
    Teacher(s): Karel Pravoslav Sadlo


Ymer Skënderi was not only an outstanding cellist, but also a professor and a composer. He was born in Dibër on 17 March 1926 and died in Tirana on 25 July 1975.
Between 1947 and 1953 he studied the cello at the State Conservatory of Prague, in Czechoslovakia. After finishing his studies in 1953, he returned to Albania and together with his wife Ludmilla Ymeri he started teaching the cello at the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja".
Later he was appointed director of the String Department at the State Conservatory of Tirana (today, the Academy of Arts), but he continued teaching at the Lyceum Artistic.
The concert repertoire of Ymer Skënderi was extensive and diverse. It includes masterpieces of the classical and romantic literature for the cello, which he played in numerous concerts inside and outside Albania, such as in Czechoslovakia, USSR, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, etc.
But above all, the Albanian Music is grateful to Ymer Skënderi for creating a generation of prominent Albanian cellists. From his classes have graduated some remarkable cellists, like Gjovalin Lazri, Muharrem Denisi, Gëzim Laro, Gjergj Antoniu, Luigj Lazri, etc., who make up the older generation of Albanian musicians.
(Translated into English by Christopher Psomadelis)