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Summary Information


  • Idlir SHYTI was born in 1991 in Elbasan, Albania
  • Current Country of Residence: Italy

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Artistic School "Onufri" in Elbasan (1997-2003)
    Teacher(s): Arjana Kajanaku
  • Artistic School "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (2003-2007)
    Teacher(s): Astrit Selita

Musical Studies Abroad:

  • National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy (2007 - to present)
    Teacher(s): Maurizio Gambini



Albanian Cellist Idlir Shyti started playing cello at the age of 6, he studied at the Artistic School “Jordan Misja” in Tirana then continued his studies with Maurizio Gambini at the “Santa Cecilia Conservatory” in Rome, Italy where he graduated with the highest honours.
Currently studies with Richard Lester at the “Royal College of Music” in London.
Idlir has performed as a soloist with Albanian Symphonic Orchestra, Sud-West-Deutsche Kammerorchester Pforzeim and Orchestra del Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia collaborating with well-known conductors such as Giovanni Pelliccia, Silvia Massarelli and Hannes Kramer. He has also appeared in many festivals such as Rome Chamber Music Festival 2012 (Italy) Festival Musica a Roma per Roma 2012 (Italy), Festival de Saint-Lizier en Couserants 2010 (France), Festival Atlante Sonoro 2011 (Italy), Rutesheim Cello Academy Festival 2012 (Germany) etc.
1st Prize Winner of Moxartiana International Competition, Macedonia (2006), Il Portico d'Argento Award, (2011) and Adriana Gianuzzi Award (2012) at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory.
He is a member of The Waska String Quartet and also performes regularly with the exceptional harpist Josephine Salvi.
Idlir has taken part in numerous masterclasses from well-known cellists such as: Giovanni Sollima, Enrico Dindo, Gary Hoffman, Anssi Karttunen, Wenn Sin Yang, Gabriele Geminiani, Michael Flaksman, Antonio Meneses, Jakob Kullberg and also chamber music masterclasses from Robert McDuffie, Lawrence Dutton and Amy Schwartz Moretti.
He plays a cello by CH.J.B Collin Mèzin, Paris 1900 and greatfully acknowledges its loan from Royal College of Music, London.

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