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Summary Information


  • Mirela RUCI was born in 1969 in Fier, Albania
  • Nationality: Albanian, Greek naturalized citizen
  • Current Country of Residence: Greece

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Artistic School "Jakov Xoxa" in Fier (1975-1987)
    Teacher(s): Agim Çegrani, Gëzim Belegu, Jorgji Fullani
  • Academy of Arts in Tirana (1987-1991)
    Teacher(s): Gjergj Antoniu

Current Occupation(s):

  • Principal Cellist in Municipal Orchestra of Athens (Greece)


Mirela Ruci was born in Fier, in 1969. By the age of 7 she started to study cello at the artistic school “Jakov Xoxa” in Fier. After completing the music high school in the year 1987, she continues studying cello at the Academy of Arts in Tirana and in the 1991 she was graduated with excellent results. In the mean time she returns back to her hometown where she worked as a cello teacher and participated in almost all the artistic activities of the Symphonic Orchestra of Fier. In the 1994 she participates in the festival of the Symphonic Orchestras of Albania where she plays solo and many other artistic activities with in the country. In the 1997 she comes to Greece and in the 1998 she wins a position as the principal cellist in the Municipal Orchestra of Athens and a central participant in the string quartet of Athens. Currently she is a cello professor in different music schools in Athens.

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