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Summary Information


  • Vladimir KOCAQI was born in 1955 in Elbasan, Albania
  • Nationality: Albanian, Italian naturalized citizen
  • Current Country of Residence: Italy

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Artistic School "Onufri" in Elbasan (1961-1969)
    Teacher(s): Matei Guralumi, Spiro Kalemi
  • Artistic School "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (1969-1973)
    Teacher(s): Gjovalin Lazri
  • Academy of Arts in Tirana (1973-1978)
    Teacher(s): Gjergj Antoniu

Current Occupation(s):

  • Private lessons in Italy


Vladimir Kocaqi was born in Elbasan, one of the main cities of Albania. He is the only musician in the family, with two sisters. Now he is considered Casertano, as he resided here for several years in via Acquaviva, having an intense musical activity, ranging from the classic to modern with success and esteem of those who listen and those who are fortunate enough to play with him. He had solid studies at the State Conservatory of Tirana grant before becoming principal cellist of the Philharmonic State of Elbasan, her hometown. So he came in Italy, he became the first cellist of the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra and he has worked intensively with the Orchestra "Giuseppe Verdi" in Salerno.

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