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Summary Information


  • Dorela HYKA (BERTHELOT) was born in 1977 in Tirana, Albania
  • Nationality: Albanian, American naturalized citizen
  • Current Country of Residence: United States

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Music School "Kongresi i Përmetit" in Tirana (1983-1991)
    Teacher(s): Gani Hyka, Ritvana Selita (née Arapi)
  • Artistic School "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (1991-1995)
    Teacher(s): Agim Çegrani
  • Academy of Arts in Tirana (1995-1999)
    Teacher(s): Gjergj Antoniu

Musical Studies Abroad:

  • Hochschule für Müsik Freiburg, Germany (2000-2003)
    Teacher(s): Adriana Contino, Garo Atmacayan
  • Louisiana State University, USA (2003-2006)
    Teacher(s): Dennis Parker

Current Occupation(s):

  • Assistant Principal Cellist in Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra in Louisiana (USA)
  • Principal Cellist in Louisiana Sinfonietta (USA)
  • Cellist in Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (USA)



Albanian-born Dorela Hyka-Berthelot began her cello studies at the age of five and the most important figure-teacher was her father, a very well known cellist, principal of the opera of Tirana. After studying at Academy of Arts in Tirana, she entered the Musikhochschule in Freiburg, Germany as a postgraduate where she earned a degree in Cello Solo-Performance. She received a Masters Degree in performance from Louisiana State University in 2006.
At the age of fourteen she received the 2nd Prize in the Young Instrumentalist competition in Tirana. She performed the Dvorak Cello Concerto with the TOB orchestra of Tirana when she was twentyone. She played with the well-known chamber orchestra "Virtuosi of Tirana" which has received numerous awards including the 1st Prize Pro Archi Hungary (1996), the 1st Prize in the European festival in Belgium "Summa eum Laude" (1997) and the Big 1st Prize of Commune of Vienna and 1st Prize at the festival "Youth and Music" (2000).
As an orchestra player has performed in many orchestras including: Opera of Tirana, as an understudy position, Principal cellist of Opera of Musikhochschule Freiburg conductor Ulrich Furrer, Principal cellist of part time chamber orchestra of Freiburg, guest conductor Michael Vollhardt, 1 year understudy position at Freiburg Philharmonic, Principal cellist of LSU, Principal cellist of Louisiana Sinfonietta, Acc. Principal of brso and Sub cellist with Louisiana Philharmonic.
While in Bayreuth festival and R.Wagners birthplace "Young orchestra" (1999 & 2000) Ms. Hyka-Berthelot was chosen to perform in a chamber quintet and record a Chamber CD with the great violinist Konrad Ellegiers (from Essen, Germany) and violist Ferenc Gabor (from Berlin, Germany). Master class experiences include Joseph Schwab (Berlin 1999), Janos Starker (Kronberg 2002), Mathias Ranft (Bamberg 2003), and Richard Aaron from Julliard school (NY 2004).
Performances of Contemporary music include also the Freiburg and Karlsruhe Musikhochschule.
In Chautauqua New York Music Festival, Ms Hyka was the principal cellist, also gave some recitals including the cello choir (1st cellist), string quartet, and playing together in a cello quartet with Prof. Arie Lipsky.
One of Ms Hyka’s solo performances was reviewd by R.Miller from The Advocate Baton Rouge LA: "The most moving performance of the concert was Dorela Hyka-Berthelot's cello solo in Gabriel Faure's "After a Dream". To label her solo lyrical would be an understatement. She wasn't merely performing a solo - she was telling Faure's musical story, its moournful tones filled with overwhelming emotion". The Advocate Jan 25 2011-R.Miller.

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