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Summary Information


  • Muharrem DENIZI was born in 1942 in Kruje, Albania
  • Current Country of Residence: United States

Musical Studies in Albania:

  • Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja" in Tirana (1953-1962)
    Teacher(s): Ymer Skënderi, Ludmilla Ymeri (née Shinderbalova)
  • Academy of Arts in Tirana (1962-1966)
    Teacher(s): Ludmilla Ymeri (née Shinderbalova)

Current Occupation(s):

  • Private lessons in New Jersey (USA)
  • Assistant Principal Cellist in Plainfield Symphony Orchestra in New Jersey (USA)



Muharrem Denizi was born on September 1, 1942 in Krujë, Albania.
In the years 1953-1962 he studied cello at the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja", where he studied under the direction of Ymer Skënderi and Ludmilla Ymeri (Shinderbalova).
He continued his studies at the State Conservatory (today Academy of Arts) in Tirana.
After graduating in 1966 he worked as a lecturer at the State Conservatory of Tirana. Since 1969, head of the Chair instrumental. In 1975 he was head of Music Department of the Conservatory.
From 1987-1991 he was artistic director of National Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tirana.
In 1991 he moved to Lausanne, there to hone their skills.
In 1995 he returned to the country and once again took over as artistic director of National Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tirana.
In 1997, during state crisis, which engulfed Albania. Muharrem Denizi went to Turkey, where he became chair of the cello at the Bilkent University of Ankara.
From under his hand came in the years 1968-1985, most Albanian cellists.
In his career he has performed both as a soloist, as well a chamber music.
For his artistic activity has been awarded the title of Distinguished Artist (Artist i Merituar) and the Order of them "Naim Frashëri".

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