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Albanian Cello Site

Meet Albanian professional Cellists around the world

Friends and colleagues,

The “Albanian Cello Site” introduces all Albanian cellists both inside and outside Albania.
This website has not been created only for cellists, it is open to all musicians, artists, music lovers everywhere, whether Albanian or not.

CellistI think this is a website which offers a means of contact and communication between us, and is full of facts, statistics, history, and personal biographies. Although the Albanian Cello School has only been in existence for 60 to 70 years, it has a listing of over 170 cellists – not bad for a country as small as ours. And what is remarkable is not only the quantity of cellists graduated but also the quality of their work. What incited and inspired me to create this page was the high standard of the school and how Albanian cellists have contributed abroad.

Prof. Gjovalin Lazri in his book “Portret Instrumentisti” says: “Writing about Professor Ymeri, the man who has given so much of himself to the violoncello school and to the art of music in general in Albania, is for me a much greater moral obligation and a spiritual pleasure to do. He was an accomplished person who not only led the way in the Cello School, but also within the Albanian music field”.

I feel a great obligation to the Albanian Cello School. I recognise and respect the tradition values it has taught me and I feel enriched by the treasures our professors have passed onto us with their lessons and which we shall in turn pass onto others.

Cello section in the orchestra

And finally, I would especially like to thank two friends, my French colleague Marie-Cécile Boulard (First Clarinet of the Orchestra of Colours) for her assistance and hard work in creating this website, and Sophia Marlas for her help with the English translations.

Best regards,

Vangjel NINA, Principal Cellist in the Orchestra of Colours in Athens.

Bridge of cello